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  • Rent and lease
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Buy and sell

We help you make a value deal in buying or selling a property of following types in Ahmedabad or in any Indian metro.

  • Bungalows (Independent or in Gated Communities)
  • Tenements, Row Houses
  • Apartments / Flats (Starting from 2, 3,4,5,6, & 7 BHK)
  • Penthouses in Low and High Rise Towers
  • Big Residential LANDS
  • Small Plots for Houses
  • Ready & developed FARM Houses
  • FARM Plots (Individual & in Schemes)
  • Independent Corporate Houses
  • Business houses & Large Commercial Spaces
  • Offices (Empty & Furnished)
  • Shops / ATM’s
  • Showrooms (Mostly on Ground, First Floor or in Combination)
  • Restaurants (Running & Closed)
  • Hotels (Ready /under construction / Plan passed locations)
  • Guest Houses / Service Apartments
  • Schools, Colleges & Educational Plan Pass locations, Trusts
  • Commercial LANDS (IN R1, R2 & R3 Zones)
  • Small & Big Land Parcels for Mixed Housing Schemes
  • Jumbo Land Parcels for Integrated or Full Fledged Townships
  • Joint Ventures (JVs) or Joint Development (JD) arrangements of land owners with developers / builders
  • Old Residential Societies – Complete Package Deals
  • Lands in Any’ SEZ’ (Special Economic Zones) or in’ SIR’ (Special Investment Regions)
  • Industrial lands (Need Based)
  • News Industrial Plots
  • New / Old / Unused factory Sheds (Truss type or RCC)
  • Godowns/garages (Open & Close types)
  • Pre Leased Deals [Already Rented]
  • Bank Auction Property
  • New Bookings in builder schemes (Any Project)
  • Big developer promotional launches Bookings
  • Bulk bookings


Rent and lease

We help in rent out for the owner or rent in for the client fro following types of properties

  • Residential flats & apartments
  • Row houses & tenements
  • Bungalows, villas

The property can be empty, semi furnish or fully furnished. However we recommend the property to be at least semi furnish to expedite the rent deal at quick pace.
The minimum period of rent is 1year i.e. 11months & 29 days.
Do note that police verification is a must and compulsion in any residential rental deal.

We help in lease out for the lesser or lease in for the lessee in commercial

  • Large & small office spaces
  • Corporate houses
  • Shops & showrooms
  • School locations
  • Empty land for open storage, parking, or party plot
  • Farm houses & recreation spaces
  • Industrial sheds & factories
  • Hotels, restaurants, guest houses.

The lease can be need based and with locking period ranging from 1 to 9 years. After making LIO (letter of intent), the lease deal can be either notarized or a registered lease deal if for a big property or long term or if suitable to both parties as the cost involved in registration is high.

Do contact us for your rent or lease requirements.


Property management

At STARS Property we specialize in providing our Property Management Services with superior service to protect your investment. We give each property individualized attention during every phase of our Property Management. Today owners require a wide range of Property Management

Services depending upon the property and market conditions. We provide comprehensive Property Management programs or selected Property Management services to meet specific needs of each client.

Our services are designed to bring to the owners the benefits from their investments without any hassle. We help you get the best from your investment by taking care of all the paperwork at the time of purchase and maintenance thereafter. We arrange to let out your property for regular rental income. Our experienced team ensures your bills are paid on time and your property is secure, safe and fully maintained.

Please contact us to learn how our quality services can help you execute a value deal more effectively.


Mandate Marketing

At stars property we take up exclusive mandates to buy or sell a particular property in a specific time period and at special rates and terms.

For sellers
If a seller wants to quickly dispose off his property we have a commitment package rate ranging from 1 month to 4 month period. In such cases there is a written agreement between us & the seller whereby we get the exclusive right/ mandate to sell the specific property, provided all documents are clear and there is no dispute involved in it. The terms are decided mutually as per each seller’s case and vary from client to client and on the basis of size of the property.

For buyers
If a buyer plans to buy any type of property in a stipulated frame of time we also take up exclusive mandate to search and buy the property for them at special discounted rates. A written agreement is signed between us & the buyer whereby we take the exclusive right / mandate to buy the particular type of property as per specified instructions. The terms for this are decided mutually as per each buyer case and may vary from client to client on the basis of budget and quality.

Contact us to learn more how this service can be useful to you in executing a value deal effectively.


Other services

Legal and Loans
STARS Property not only helps its clients to BUY, SELL or RENT a property but also does complete hand holding throughout the process. We help our clients with documentation, loan arrangements and get legal assistance in order to make their real estate transaction easy and stress free.

Interiors and Fit-outs
No matter what the space is, no matter what the need is, we define form to create business and working environments that are expressions of excellence. At STARS Property, we will refer you to the most comprehensive interior fit out services and turnkey interior designing solutions to commercial,
Residential, retail and hospitality sectors.

Project management
We at STARS Property help new /out station Builders on the day/ days of their new project launch – as we provide them with a professional team who after in house training get stationed at the site location to give correct & precise information to all incoming guests, clients and prospects.

This helps facilitate smooth functioning, give good corporate feel, enhance booking, attend phone calls, and maintain inquiry records and appropriate database. The builder is then free to entertain all his relatives and guests and at the same time assured that all sales inquiry are being looked after in safe hands. This involves a nominal fixed cost and also with incentive on sales.

Properties tours
At Stars Property we have a special service for NRI, Outstation clients or New to city customers,  Who want to visit all over the town or nearby destinations to take a review of locations, see maximum ready sample houses and to understand the local market scenario.

We help the client visit his desired areas and take him around for 2 to 6 hrs where he wants in our vehicle at a very nominal cost. This is however not valid for mandate clients & customers. Any client seeking such Property Tour Services may intimate us in advance to coordinate manpower and vehicle type arrangements.

Contact us to learn more how our services can be useful to you in executing a value deal effectively.



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