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Real estate in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the financial capital of Gujarat, the fifth largest city of INDIA and the seventh largest Metropolitan area of the Country. It has a population of 56lacs and in 2010 FORBES Magazine  rated it as the fastest growing city of India.

In last one decade Ahmedabad [also Amdavad] real estate market has seen stupendous growth and potential. The city was always a hot spot for investment but advent of auto majors like TATA, MARUTI, PEUGOT, FIAT etc. Has converted it into a major auto hub thereby indicating exponential progress and development, this has pushed up demand not only in the industrial zones but subsequently in both commercial and residential sectors too.

Thus Ahmedabad has become the most sought out REAL ESTATE destination not only in Gujarat but entire India.

Construction of residential apartments and commercial buildings can be seen sprouting up in many places in Ahmedabad and surrounding areas. One can easily find apartments for sale or for rent in Ahmedabad at the place of their choice. Such is the growth of real estate in Ahmedabad that it keeps up with the growing demand.

There are various players in the real estate field playing their part as developers, constructors and builders in Ahmedabad. Choosing the right real estate developer or builder in buying an apartment or villa is important. The reasons are that with the renowned developer, you can not only expect quality construction but also be sure that the statutory rules and regulations are complied with that is relevant to the industry.

All said and done, buying a residential apartment or commercial property in Ahmedabad is a good investment decision one can make.

  • Ahmedabad - West
  • Ahmedabad - East
  • Ahmedabad - South
  • Ahmedabad - North
  • Ahmedabad - Central

Ahmedabad - West

Sabarmati river separates western part of Ahmedabad from rest of the city. This part of Ahmedabad abides innumerable residential colonies. A large number of colleges including some of the world renowned are situated in western region of Ahmedabad.

Most prestigious of all, Indian Institute of Management is located in the western part of Ahmedabad. National Institute of Design is another important educational institute here. Panchvati, Law Garden and Usmaupura are recreational parks for public.

Western region also has a good network of roads which connects this place to places inside as well outside Ahmedabad. Sardar Patel Stadium hosts some of the sporting events here. This part of Ahmedabad is basically residential area with all important colleges and other educational institutes of Ahmedabad.

Areas in West Ahmedabad

  • Ambawadi
  • Anandnagar
  • Ashram Road
  • Bodakdev
  • Bopal
  • C.G road
  • Drive in
  • Ellis Bridge
  • Ghatlodia
  • Gulbai Tekra
  • Law Garden
  • Mem Nagar
  • Manekbaug
  • Naranpura
  • Navrangpura
  • Paldi
  • Prahalad Nagar
  • Satellite
  • S.G Road
  • Shyamal
  • Shela
  • Shilaj
  • Shreyas
  • Thaltej
  • University Area
  • Vadaj
  • Vasana
  • Vastrapur


Ahmedabad - East

Eastern part of Ahmedabad gets separated from rest of Ahmedabad by a rail line. Most of cotton weaving and manufacturing mills of Ahmedabad are situated in its eastern segment. It is mainly an industrial unit with innumerable industries. The eastern part is also famous for housing Lal Bhahadur Shastri Stadium which is a hosting ground for all major sporting events held in Ahmedabad. It also boasts of housing airport of Ahmedabad.

Some of the important tourist destinations like Shaking Minarates, Budhibhajan Hanuman Hall and Qutabi Mazar are set in Eastern Ahmedabad. Apart from these there are many well developed residential colonies and educational institutions as well. Being a planned city, you can parks, industries, hotels, restaurants, schools, colleges and hospitals in almost every part of Ahmedabad.

Areas in East Ahmedabad

  • Bapu Nagar
  • Rakhial
  • Saraspur
  • Sarangpur Darwaza


Ahmedabad - South

Southern part of Bangalore has a sprawling area with a handful of residential colonies. It boasts of abiding two important lakes of Ahmedabad within its periphery. Chandola Lake and kankaria Lake are among most visited travel destinations in Ahmedabad situated here.

Several Hindu and Muslim shrines dot these region of Ahmedabad. Shah Alam Roza, Swaminarayan Temple, Ved Madir etc are to name a few. Southern Ahmedabad has its own railway station at Maninagar.

For recreational purposes, you can find good pools, movie theaters as well as public parks to spend leisure time. Southern Ahmedabad has a wide network of roads and is very well connected to other parts of the city.

Areas in South Ahmedabad

  • Dani Limbada
  • Jamalpur
  • Kankaria
  • Khokra Mehmedabad
  • Maninagar


Ahmedabad - North

The Northern region of Ahmedabad houses some of the residential colonies. Housing societies like Meghani Nagar, Nirnay Nagar, Shahibag and Sabarmati dot this region. The office of RTO and that of Gujarat Electricity board is also situated at this part of Ahmedabad.

The North-Eastern part of the city abides several textile mills within its vicinity. Mahakali Mandir and Nilakantha Mahadev, Hatheesingh Mandir and Ambaji Mandir and Gurudwara Dudheshwar are a few holy places located here. River Sabarmati cuts northern region into two parts.

Areas in North Ahmedabad

  • Asarwa
  • Meghani Nagar
  • Ranip
  • Sabarmati
  • Shahibaug


Ahmedabad - Central

The busiest region of Ahmedabad, Central part houses a large number of schools, colleges, government offices, places of worship and tourist attractions. A large number of hospitals are also located in and around this part of Ahmedabad. You will find almost everything here.

The central region is located at the eastern banks of Sabarmati river. Business hub of Ahmedabad, this part also abides several industrial houses as shopping markets. A few residential colonies are situated at the at the outskirts of Central Ahmedabad. If you are at Central Ahmedabad, you will not face much problem hiring a room for yourself.

Money Changers and offices of various airline operators are also situated at the central region of Ahmedabad. For food lovers, innumerable restaurants are available here to fill your appetite. There is a good network of roads and bridges to connect central region to rest of the city.

Areas in Central Ahmedabad

  • Astodia
  • Dariapur
  • Kadia
  • Kalupur
  • Lal Darwaza
  • Raipur
  • Shahpur




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